urban recycling project

The climate transition and the social and economic transformation it entails offers an opportunity to rethink the building process and the materiality of architecture. Indeed, intelligent design and innovation have a major role to play in accompanying this economic and cultural transformation and in matching sustainability with style. This is the New European Bauhaus concept put forward by the European Commission. The contracting party and the Blanche project are directly in line with this vision. The project has high ambitions as regards different aspects related to this climate transition. It aims to become an exemplary and reproducible urban recycling project in a dense urban context, highlighting a holistic vision of the built environment that combines the advantages of natural solutions with digital technology. Supported by the materials and rhythms, the strong qualities of architectural integration become the branding of the convergence between architecture and sustainability.  

The project provides for the development of thirteen housing units, ‘oasis’ premises in the interior of the block that are connected to the collective garden and dedicated to the future inhabitants of the project. There is also a large, covered space for soft mobility.

  • LocationBrussels - Belgium
  • ClientSPDG
  • Timing2021 - On going
  • Size1670 m²
  • StatusConception
  • TypologyPrivate housing
  • CollaboratorsNey Wow & Createc
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