Conversion of a school site into a mixed-use project and public park

The initial creation of a master plan led to an architecture mission that provides for the construction of different types of dwellings and the renovation of the primary school articulated around a new and generous communal garden. The garden is accessible from the street by the general public and, thanks to the transverse pathways, the site has been made more accessible. A genuine pathway for pedestrians and cyclists has also been created to reach the city centre.  

The dwellings have been imagined in such a way as to be in direct relation with the natural environment. The living spaces thus give onto the park and the transition between the private gardens and the park occurs subtly. 

The school has its own architectural language. The many columns give the project as a whole a certain verticality and respond to the building’s horizontal levels, which are heavily emphasized. These levels have indeed been visually extended in order to create outdoor gangways, which will ensure circulation with regard to the building and the 2 playgrounds.

  • LocationTienen - Belgium
  • ClientCordeel Hoeselt
  • Timing2016 - On going
  • Size19.500 m²
  • StatusConception
  • TypologyHousing, Education, Urbanism, Mixed use
  • CollaboratorsStructural Engineer : V2S / Technical Engineer : Istema / Acoustical Engineer : Venac / Landscape Architect: TV Thiers-Dujardin Landschapsarchitecten / Project Support : Bureau Bouwtechniek
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