Extension of a school campus

This school extension comprises 16 classrooms and administrative offices. Its location bolsters the organization of the school campus around a central esplanade by taking into account the buildings to be razed or built. The school’s ‘open character’ is marked by the maintenance and/or reinforcement of interesting open perspectives. The programme is arranged in flexible modules of approx. 610 to 640 m2, able to accommodate a cluster of 8 classrooms, administrative offices, a bicycle park, and a covered multipurpose outdoor area. The arrangement of these modules around a covered esplanade or ‘agora’ makes it possible to easily add extensions in the future, without any important additional costs. This ‘agora’ constitutes the meeting space of the entire school as well as the place where pupils and teachers converge, on foot or by bike. The stairs and the footbridges leading to the classrooms are located in the continuation of this covered ‘playground’.

  • LocationOostende - Belgium
  • ClientProgram DBFM "Scholen van Morgen" - AG Real Estate for Open Oproep 20
  • Timing2011 - 2015
  • Size1920 m²
  • StatusCompetition: first prize / Completed
  • TypologyEducation
  • CollaboratorsStructural Engineer : Util / Technical Engineer: CES
  • Awards3d prize in « Technically the most innovative public construction » category at Publica Awards 2017 / Best new construction of 2017 at the Oostende Awards
  • PublicationsA+ magazine N°233 - p.77, December 2011 / Het Nieuwsblad "Forse uitbreiding voor atheneum Pegasus", December 2011 / Het Laatste Nieuws "Atheneum Pegasus krijgt facelift", December 2011 / Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires Inventories #2 2013-2016, Art. 121 - Public Education Sport / Revue L'architecture p. 182-187 ; March 2018
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