Lutgardis Housing

Restructuring of a block with facilities and dwellings

The project comprises two associated missions: a study for a strategic master plan for the entirety of an existing school site and the architectural missions that consist of:

  • the renovation/construction of a kindergarten/primary school (200 pupils) and a secondary school (266 pupils);
  • the construction of a new crèche (50 places);
  • the conversion into a youth club / hall for youth movement (480 m2);
  • the construction of a day-care centre and a service centre for the elderly (650 m2);
  • the construction of 61 dwellings – 6060m² (subsidized apartments and dwellings) & underground car park (70 places).                                                        

The project for the residential buildings provides for the construction of flexible apartments and communal spaces (library) whose architectural and landscaping language harmoniously completes the development linked to the school. While the plinth of the dwellings is aligned with the roadway, their main volumes are set back in order to preserve the quality of the light and of the opposite dwelling with regard to the existing dwellings.   All the dwellings are dual aspect, except for the ends where they are bi-oriented. The façades of the living and sleeping areas have been treated differently. Indeed, a set of obliques in architectural concrete sculpts the façades on the side of the living room, giving shape to individual terraces in the process. On the bedroom side, by contrast, these façades are more sober.  

The creation of openings and breaches at the street level offers the neighbourhood passages, rest areas and pleasant views on a green courtyard, a lively square and a sunny garden.

  • LocationBrussels - Belgium
  • ClientThe Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels (+Karad sprl)
  • Timing2011 - 2019
  • Size8.377 m²
  • StatusCompleted
  • TypologyHousing, Urbanism, Mixed Use
  • CollaboratorsStructural Engineer: Bureau Van Ransbeeck / Technical Engineer: Istema / Security & EPB: Climatex / Landscape Architect: Studio Basta
  •, June 2020
Lutgardis Housing
Lutgardis Housing
Lutgardis Housing
Lutgardis Housing
Lutgardis Housing
Lutgardis Housing
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