Mixed-use block consisting of productive activities and dwellings

The proposal is a collection of separate buildings, each with its own relationship to the public space and to the streets on which all the accesses are located. They reinforce a clear definition between the project and the public space by guaranteeing a quality urban integration of productive activities and dwellings, a pertinent operation of the project and quality interactions between the cohabitating functions.

The spaces dedicated to productive activities have been designed to guarantee maximum flexibility, whether for the development of small, large or very large activity units. They are also accessible, visible and readable from the public space, and take part in its activation.

The floor dedicated to productive activities is covered in its entirety by an intensive roof for the inhabitants of the project, who will be able to enjoy a luxuriant and quality landscaped setting, in connection with the canal. This coverage ensures that interactions between the productive activities and the dwellings only involve the advantages, and that nuisances (visual, noise and air pollution) are kept to a minimum. This platform is structured by different housing blocks offering a wide variety of typologies.

  • LocationBrussels - Belgium
  • ClientBW promo
  • Timing2018
  • Size60.811 m²
  • StatusCompetition
  • TypologyHousing, Urbanism, Mixed use
  • CollaboratorsAssociated architect: ORG
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