Basic file for a Neighbourhood Contract

This strategic programme of urban revitalization of a 59ha zone in Ixelles, around the European Quarter and the historic centre defines the urban and social stakes such as social housing, mobility and sustainable infrastructure, social and political communication as well as the funding of socio-economic activities.  

An overall strategy is applied to the operations of this neighbourhood contract tending to optimize the study’s leverage: 

  • broadening the study to a general inventory;
  • connecting the different entities that make up the area through axes of soft mobility and main roads inside the area that have been redeveloped in terms of user safety and social interaction.


The other strategies under consideration improve the connections between the sub-areas through a grid of green spaces and public spaces, creating a genuine local mobility policy, freeing up the centres of the housing blocks and the existing green spaces, reinforcing the place of children and youths in the area, and creating sustainable and diversified housing.  

A participatory process was organized throughout the study with the area’s residents, teachers, students and organizations.  

In parallel to the study, a symposium was organized on public-private partnerships, making it possible to assess the possibilities of a financial set-up.

  • LocationBrussels - Belgium
  • ClientMunicipality of Ixelles
  • Timing2009
  • Size59 ha
  • StatusCompleted
  • TypologyUrbanism
  • CollaboratorsAssociated architect: Artgineering / PPP : Idea Consult
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