Audi Test Center

A dynamic showroom

This project consisted in creating a low-energy test centre for cars. The building aims to be both an example of dynamism and a showroom integrated in the surrounding urban landscape.

The building’s architectural principle forms the foundation of its visual identity, whose alternation between transparency and opacity is one of its essential characteristics. The design of the façade rests on a dynamic approach and continues inside in the form of arched tubes. This was achieved thanks to walls that are both curved and bent.

The cars are presented in the segments of these curves. The showroom therefore simulates a stretch of road in which the vehicles are lined up to achieve a realistic and dynamic presentation. The interior of the showroom is made visible by a large frameless window inserted in the façade, which makes it possible to see the vehicles on display in the building.

  • LocationKortenberg - Belgium
  • ClientD'Ieteren sa
  • Timing2008 - 2011
  • Size4038 m²
  • StatusCompleted
Audi Test Center
Audi Test Center
Audi Test Center
Audi Test Center
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