Sport Centers

Feasibility study for the development of sports centres

The project consisted in advising the French-speaking Community in the process of selecting the town and the optimal site for the Elite Sports Training Centre.

 The mission comprised the following steps:

  • writing the call for tenders;
  • summarizing the needs of sports federations, rationalizing the needs around 4 poles, and defining the minimum size of the site;
  • listing the exclusion and selection criteria by means of 7 families of criteria;
  • analysing the tenders, accompanying the auditions of the towns and participating in the advisory committees.

The mission was extended with the study of an urban development plan for the chosen site.

This mission included three phases:

  • an urban-planning facet and a programmatic and budgetary facet;
  • the programmatic and spatial scripting realized on two sites;
  • the development on the chosen site with budget planning and drafting of the urban-planning recommendations of the ‘Design & Build’ market.
  • LocationWallonia
  • ClientMinistry of the French Speaking Community
  • Timing2010 - 2015
  • Size45.000 m² & 11.000 m²
  • StatusCompleted
  • TypologyUrbanism
  • CollaboratorsMS-A, Aries Consultants, Idea Consult, International Sport Interface / Environment, town planning & mobility : Aries Consultants sa / Technical Audit: Bureau Bouwtechniek / Sportmanagement: International Sport Interfaceg
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