Quality objectives

Since its creation, Urban Platform has always been concerned to provide the clients that have approached it with the highest level of quality, in terms of the architecture produced and the service offered, both of which are essential for implementing high-quality architecture, as we intend to develop it. 

The quality we intend to apply consists of implementing a policy aimed at the continuous mobilisation of all the parties involved (collaborators and select partners) in order to improve:

  1. The quality of the products and services;
  2. The efficiency of our operation;
  3. The relevance and coherence of our objectives in relation to the changing needs of our market and developments in technology.

To do this, we identify and closely monitor the changes in the legal requirements applicable to our jobs to ensure that we comply with these requirements during the preparation, negotiation and execution of our contracts.

Secondly, we have defined a series of priority objectives, as follows:


  1. Listening to the Customer: Meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of the Customer, whatever the level.
  2. Collaboration: Listening to each of the partners, suppliers or subcontractors in a spirit of total cooperation, and as early as possible in the process of setting up the project
  3. Consultation: Consulting with the authorities and/or third parties concerned as soon as possible.
  4. Return: Giving the Customer the Quality he expects to receive for the investment he is prepared to make.
  5. Competence: Guaranteeing an appropriate and well-rounded group with an equivalent attitude.
  6. Partnership: Ensuring that suppliers and subcontractors comply with the same rules, and being able to offer the customer solvent partnerships and acknowledged references in the Belgian and European market.
  7. Responsibility: Achieving the result through the professionalism and motivation of our collaborators and partners.

Our essential objectives always include:

  • Satisfying the customer’s requirements, provided they are compatible with professional standards and ethics.
  • Continuous improvement of the service.
  • Taking into consideration the imperatives of society, the environment and the public interest.


Through its professionalism and its methods, our office is able to offer a quality service in its research and monitoring, in its coordination, and in the human and material resources made available.

Furthermore, Urban Platform guarantees an impeccable ethical approach, particularly through financial independence in relation to any business or producer, observance of professional ethics, ongoing concern for the user, continuous research in the global economy (investment – exploitation), and so on.